Scream Gallery closes, long live Scream!

May 10, 2016

We closed our doors at the Scream gallery and bid farewells to this wonderful space with the end of our EXCEPTIONAL exhibition and Remi Rough | #Roughsketches book launch at the end of May. Faced with a very difficult rent review, and with great sadness, we're moving out of our gallery space on Eastcastle street. Thank you to everyone who visited last week as well as all our artists and supporters from the last 3 years who helped to make every show special!

Of course, this is far from the end. We're very much looking forward to finding a new space for the gallery and hope to announce new plans soon. Watch this space!

In the meantime, Scream London continues with our 100+  amazing artists and huge selection of limited edition artwork available at Scream Editions. Remember, you can shop all prints with free delivery for orders over £40 to all UK and European addresses. 


EXCEPTIONAL: Opening Night Recap & Catalogue

April 20, 2016

EXCEPTIONAL (Adjective: unusual, not typical.)

14th April - 20th May 2016 at Scream London

EXCEPTIONAL opened on Thursday 14th April at the Scream London gallery with an astonishing first night shared with our show artists, co-curator Remi Rough and wonderful crowd. Thank you so much to every involved and all who attended.

If you weren't able to make it for the opening, the show continues at Scream London until Thursday 20th May. We're open from 10am - 6pm Monday to Friday or by special appointment.

All artwork and prices can be viewed in the show catalogue here.
Please contact for all enquiries.

You can see a selection of the artwork on the Scream walls below but do visit the gallery to view the whole show including the impressive 2 panel Human Error by Steve More, occupying the full front window and amazing 3 x 3 metre wall mural, Real Time, by Zanny Mellor.

You can also read more about each of the artists in our exhibition preview here.

EXCEPTIONAL artists (Jerry Inscoe absent) with Remi Rough

EXCEPTIONAL is a group exhibition that connects with a shared minimalist sensibility use of traditional practices but very individual approaches. Employing a range of methods, each artist has developed a unique way of working with processes such as erasure, visual systems or spatial investigation. Their practices are often labour intensive, contrary to the reductive nature of the final work.

EXCEPTIONAL features artwork from:

  • Jerry Inscoe (USA)
  • Augustine Kofie (USA)
  • Zanny Mellor (UK)
  • Martina Merlini (ITALY)
  • Steve More (UK)
  • Charley Peters (UK)
  • Livvy Turner (UK)

EXCEPTIONAL is curated by Remi Rough & Ruth Wilkinson (Scream London). 


Engineering A Rotationship and Assembly Instructions - Augustine Kofie

View through gallery

 Within Reach 1 & 2 (Diptych) - Zanny Mellor

 Assorted found clipboards by Augustine Kofie

 Assorted show artworks by Charley Peters

 View of Real Time wall mural by Zanny Mellor 


Remi Rough (co-curator of EXCEPTIONAL) returns to Scream London on Thursday 28th April for the launch of his new publication #RoughSketches Volume 01. Remi will be signing all purchased copies of his book between 6pm and 8pm on the evening as well as customising each with a very special Remi Rough doodle.

To confirm attendance to the #RoughSketches launch on 28th April please:
RSVP via email to
OR register to the event with Scream London on Eventbrite




Remi Rough | #RoughSketches Volume 01 Book Launch

April 19, 2016

Remi Rough | #RoughSketches

Book Launch Event: Thursday 28th April

Scream London is delighted to announce the release of Remi Rough’s new publication, #RoughSketches, with a launch event at the gallery where the artist will be signing and customising copies of the book and exhibiting a collection of new works on paper.

We hope you can join us on Thursday 28th April when Remi will be return to the UK from his latest commission to officially launch #RoughSketches Volume 01 at the Scream London gallery. All copies of his book purchased on the evening will be signed by the artist and customised with a unique hand-drawn Remi Rough doodle.

Remi Rough's works are often described as ‘painting visual haikus’. A respected graffiti artist, London-based Remi Rough has also played a significant part in the development of ‘abstract graffiti’, a term that seems far too clinical to describe the accomplishments of his artwork, which has always been about the interplay of colour and shape.

Now his creations have made their way from wall to paper in the form of his new book. #RoughSketches is a collection of Remi’s drawings and sketches from a diverse catalogue of work spanning the last two decades (1996 - 2015). The book demonstrates the gradual progression in Remi’s works from graffiti lettering to the abstractions they have now become, with a focus on the interplay between geometry, line and space.

Most of the featured sketches are in black and white, as Remi often chooses to strip away all the unnecessary peripheral parts of graffiti while drawing and sketching in order to retain a focus on the development of style; it is this aspect of drawing process that enables him to develop his ideas for his paintings and large-scale mural projects.

Excerpts from #RoughSketches:  




You can now purchase Remi Rough | #RoughSketches directly from Scream Editions here
#RoughSketches is published by Unicorn Press in the UK.
ISBN: 9781910065921




Exceptional - exhibition and private view

March 22, 2016
Exceptional exhibition & private view at Scream London
Zanny Mellor - Within Reach Diptych

EXCEPTIONAL (Adjective: unusual, not typical.)

14th April - 20th May 2016 at Scream London
Private View Thursday 14th April | 6 - 8pm
A group exhibition featuring:
  • Jerry Inscoe (USA)
  • Augustine Kofie (USA)
  • Zanny Mellor (UK)
  • Martina Merlini (ITALY)
  • Steve More (UK)
  • Charley Peters (UK)
  • Livvy Turner (UK)


Scream London present ‘Exceptional', a group exhibition that connects seven artists with disparate working practices who share a minimalist sensibility. Employing a range of different methods, each artist has developed a unique way of working with processes such as erasure, visual systems or spatial investigation. Their practices are often labour intensive, contrary to the reductive nature of the final work.

EH1 CT1 - Olivia Turner
Olivia Turner - EH1 CT1


The work presented in ‘Exceptional’ offers a contemporary vision of the traditions of abstraction. Some of the artists draw inspiration from the lines of urban architecture, some from surface and texture, and others from vintage system grids. Their work, however, avoids a nostalgic view of modernism and sits confidently within a post-digital landscape. The distinctive journeys that each of the artists go on in their daily routines in the studio are what brings them together in this exhibition.


After Image 3 Right - Zanny Mellor
Zanny Mellor - After Image 3 (right)


‘Exceptional' because nobody else makes work in the same way that these seven artists do. ‘Exceptional' because the work is unique, not printed or manufactured but considered, built, erased, layered, constructed and painted by their own hands, using their own inimitable processes with incomparable results.


To confirm attendance to the private view on 14th April please:
RSVP via email to
OR register to the event with Scream London on Eventbrite
This exhibition is curated by Remi Rough and Ruth Wilkinson.





February 17, 2016

After Show Party - Mark Petty - Scream London

Last Thursday at Scream London we kicked off our first exhibition this year - AFTER SHOW PARTY. We were really excited to present works of our newest artists, as well as our long-term collaborators. We received a great response to works of Mark Petty, Jimmy C, Shuby, Marco Bettoni, Joe Cruz, Collagism, Schoony, Malarky, Nigel O'Neill and William Blanchard. The evening was spectacular, we hosted over 150 guests in the gallery. It was a great joy to see all the familiar faces, as well as get to know many new visitors. 

AFTER SHOW PARTY turned out to be a great occasion to open our exhibitions programme for this year. The show will stay on until the 11th of March, so pop in anytime! You can also view the collection of exhibited prints on our website.

Shuby // Limited Edition Fine Art Prints // Scream Editions
New works from Shuby.

Kate Moss by Joe Webb // Limited Edition Fine Art Prints // Scream Editions
Kate Moss by Joe Cruz.

Video installation from Collagism.

DAVID BOWIE, CAFÉ ROYAL // Vincent McEvoy // Scream London // Fine Art Prints & Limited Edition Art // After Show Party
New print 'David Bowie, Café Royal' from Vincent McEvoy.

Limited Edition Fine Art Prints by Mark Petty // Scream London // After Show Party
Limited Edition Prints by Mark Petty

Cassandra Yap // Fine Art Prints and Limited Edition Art // Scream Editions

New work by Cassandra Yap.

Wall installation by Nigel O'Neil.
Wall installation by Nigel O'Neill.

Unique collage by William Blanchard.

Unique collage by William Blanchard.

Schoony // Limited Edition Fine Art Prints // Scream Editions
A Bubble series from Schoony.

Unique paintings by Jimmy C // After Show Party // Scream London
Unique paintings by Jimmy C.

Jazzy Puppies // Malarky // Scream London // After Show Party
Jazzy Puppies from Malarky.

After Show Party // Private View // Scream London ExhibitionAfter Show Party // Private View // Scream London ExhibitionAfter Show Party // Private View // Scream London ExhibitionAfter Show Party // Private View // Scream London ExhibitionAfter Show Party // Private View // Scream London Exhibition

AFTER SHOW PARTY - Winter Exhibition Private View at Scream London

January 14, 2016

Winter Exhibition Private View at Scream London Gallery
Thursday, 11th of February, 6 - 8 PM
27 - 28 Eastcastle Street, London W1W 8DH
RSVP: Eventbrite

The beginning of the year is always a great opportunity to start a fresh page and discover what's new. In this spirit, we would like to invite you to join us for our upcoming group exhibition AFTER SHOW PARTY. The private view will be held on the 11th of February and is open to all!

AFTER SHOW is a transition from our Winter Exhibition, kicking off our new exhibition season in 2016. You can come and view works of our long-terms collaborators, like Remi Rough, Shuby, Collagism and William Blanchard.  We are also really excited to showcase for the fist time the latest additions to the Scream family - Cassandra Yap, Jimmy C, Joe Cruz, Malarky, Mark Petty & Schoony.

Join us on Thursday 11th February from 6pm for a first view of the new works, plus some new year fizz and cheer with the Scream Team, friends and artists.

Space will be limited so please RSVP to to confirm attendance.

Discover the newest members of Scream London.

Cassandra Yap

MEOW VAMP // Cassandra Yap // Scream Editions // Limited Edition Fine Art Prints

Sensational prints, proving power of femme fatale and sex appeal. Cassandra is one of the most recent and the most popular artists at Scream Editions.

Jimmy C

EMERALD CONTEMPLATION // Jimmy C // Limited Edition Fine Art Prints // Scream Editions

Renown London-based street artist, originally from Australia. Jimmy has developed his unique painting technique, which he called the 'drip paintings' and the 'scribble paintings', composed of layers of coloured drips or energetic lines to form vibrant and poetic cityscapes and portraits.

Joe Cruz

Kate // Joe Cruz // Limited Edition Fine Art Prints // Scream Editions

We have been proudly collaborating with Joe for over two years now, yet AFTER SHOW is the first exhibition featuring his body of work at Scream London. We are really excited to be presenting his most recent limited edition prints.


Jazzy Puppies // Malarky // Limited Edition Fine Art Prints // Scream Editions

Malarky is a long-term friend of the gallery and established street artist. We are really happy to present his limited edition ceramic Jazzy Puppies. Theysurely can give this new year a bit more swing!


Mark Petty

Beggars Belief // Mark Petty // Scream Editions // Limited Edition Fine Art Prints
London based Petty is a highly skilled printmaker, his collection of editions showcase complex techniques all finely printed by his hand, at Peckham's Sonsoles studio.  Using diamond dust, glitter, mirror board and foil he plays with materials to keep every new edition exciting and surprising.


Pink Reflector // Schoony // Scream Editions // Limited Edition Fine Art Prints


Schoony is a multi-talented urban artist whose unique aesthetic and technical brilliance has brought the art world by storm. His Hyperrealist sculptures question war, mortality and contemporary society.


AFTER SHOW also features new works from our existing artists:
David Shillinglaw
David Wightman
Magda Archer
Magnus Gjoen 
Remi Rough
Rosha Nutt
Vincent McEvoy
William Blanchard

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Scream Event: Timid in Conversation with Remi Rough

October 15, 2015
Timid (Agents of Change) in conversation with Remi Rough
If you've missed your chance to meet Remi Rough in person during the private view of his 'Home' exhibition last week, join us for a Q&A session with the artist on Thursday 22nd, 6-8 PM.
The event will be curated by Remi's fellow artist and producer Timid from Agents of Change. That's a great opportunity to hear the story behind the 'Home' exhibition, Remi's inspiration and creative process. 
You can also ask Remi a question - either in person or e-mail us and we'll ask him for you!
You can see a list of artwork on show here with prices available on request.
A limited number of printed catalogues accompanying the show are still available, designed and signed by Remi Rough. These can be purchased on the evening of the 22nd or in advance via the Scream London website.

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Remi Rough 'HOME' - Private View Recap

October 09, 2015

Last Wednesday we've had a great pleasure to host a private view of Remi Rough's most recent exhibition 'Home'. The show is his first exhibition in London since 2009 and the great attendance proved that he has been missed in the capital! Everybody was impressed with Remi's latest body of works and had an amazing time.

This collection of complex works on wood, handmade paper and canvas invites you to share the artist’s world of London as Home. ‘Home’ plays with themes such as balance and imbalance, tension and geometric calculations - referencing Russian Constructionists such as Theo van Doesburg and Kazimir Malevich. In the window hangs a large intricate geometric composition on found wood that has been varnished in gloss. We see two pieces on wood in total, one in the window and one smaller version named after a Russian Sniper Rifle.

The show sees eighteen pieces on the left wall made with ink, spray paint and graphite - all on organic hand made paper. At the back of the gallery as well as at the front we have two works on canvas that has both developed whilst inspiration has struck during work on the larger series on paper. Two works over two weeks, called incision 1 and 2 are ‘cut outs’ throwing shadows on each other in a flood of light.

On the wall to the right we have a collection of fourteen smaller pieces again on organic hand made paper. These are marginal sketches towards bigger pictures and are the closest we get to Remis heritage of Graffiti Writing. Standing in the middle of the room your eyes will undoubtedly rest on Remis signature pink running through the gallery walls like a thrill of danger, landing elegantly at home in a massive wall installation at the back of the gallery.


For any enquires about artwork and prices please contact



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'Home' - a new exhibition by Remi Rough

September 17, 2015


A new exhibition by Remi Rough
8th October  -  3rd November 2015

‘Home’ is Remi Rough’s first London solo exhibition of new works since 2009! 

Home alludes to London itself. Remi Rough was born in South East London in 1971 and has lived and worked in the city ever since. He is a leading figure within the new movement of urban modernist painters (Graffuturists / Graffuturism) - Remi has adopted the theories and practices of the modern masters that preceded him. 


This new body of work explores the relationship of balance, tension and colour with geometric theory. The many formative years spent as a young practitioner of ‘graffiti style writing' have referenced these forward thinking abstractions. The letterforms and wild styles have progressed into a mature language of ‘Suprematism’. 

The works are precisely designed geometric compositions that contrast heavily with their organic surfaces such as hand made papers or wood assemblages. They have more in common with the Russian constructivists of the 19th Century as they do the graffiti writers of the 20th Century.  The paintings are concerned with mathematical questions of shape, size, relative position of figures and forms, which is fundamental in current human obsession with practical science.


"Remi Rough continues to challenge the boundaries of contemporary painting as he traverses between the collected history of art and todays urban lexicon. Thematically he continues to explore associations between Suprematism concepts, Abstract Expressionism and Graffiti art, which in practice and theory they become ever present. This amalgamation yields a new type of modernist painting, one that reflects his passion for the aforementioned but also his desire re-imagine it all for todays world."- Carlos Mare



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Scream Editions Pop-Up In Stockholm

September 11, 2015

Press Release: Scream Editions presents the opening of a pop-up gallery in Stockholm running from Sept 24th – October 3rd 2015.


Renowned for their work promoting contemporary print art in the UK, London based gallery Scream Editions will be bringing a curated selection of limited edition prints from 15 leading artists to show and sell direct to the public in the cultural capital of Sweden for two weeks in September.

Visitors to the pop up will get the chance to experience current work from all featured artists with mixed and arresting perspectives on contemporary pop and urban art but with shared approaches to print making. All prints will be available to buy directly from the show and give a unique opportunity for Stockholm art enthusiasts to discover new artists and the excitement of purchasing print editions, either as a serious art collector or an accessible way to own art at home.

The location in the heart of Östermalm has been selected to compliment the accessibility of the print format with a central location that favours retail shoppers and culture seekers alike with the Museum of Modern Art and Photographers gallery as close as the shopping stretch of Norrmalmstorg & Biblioteksgatan. Furthermore, all prints will be packaged within minutes of purchase to create a true ready-to-go art experience

Private View: Thursday 24th Sept 2015, 6pm – 8.30pm
Opening to the public: Sept 25th – Oct 3rd 2015
Strandvägen 5B
114 51 Stockholm, Sweden

Please RSVP to by 20th September for the Private View.

For all press enquires contact Oliver Elliott For enquires related to the Stockholm location contact Maria Daun For enquires realted to the London gallery contact Ruth Wilkinson


Featured Artists

Click the links below for more information on each artist and examples of their work.


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